Success Stories


Troy Davis Testimonial

"Coach Vitulli is not just a performance coach, He helped me develop skills that used for both my collegiate and pro career. I became a better athlete but I became an even better football player. He pays attention to the small details that many trainers would look over."


- Troy Davis UCF/ NY Jets/ Dallas Cowboys/ CFL Toronto Argonauts





Kim Santana: EFP Success Story

"Many people have asked for my secret to losing 130 pounds most of it in the last year, secret is simple Gio Vitulli and his training expertise. Gio provides 100% support with custom diet that change as you do and workouts designed to speed the results. A session with Gio is time well spent, he helps you make the most of every move. Simple fact is follow Gio Vitulli and Elite Force and you will be amazed with how fast you start feeling the difference. Here is a before and current photo because the work isn't done yet!"


- Kim Santana (Orlando, FL)

177862"I haven't really said anything on here but I'm going to share this with you. I've changed all of my eating habits and added a little exercise to my daily routine. This is day 31 and I've lost 26 lbs!! It wasn't easy but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I think the key to my weight loss is the addition of water and the elimination of SUGAR from my diet!  NO soda, tea or juices! Not even diet or sugar free! I drink at least a gallon or more of water a day. I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks (healthy) a day. And I rarely eat after 8 pm. I try to walk, run or jog at least 2 miles a day. And the results after 31 days is amazing to me. First off I feel great!! More energy! And I want to give a special shout out to my trainer and coach Gio Vitulli!  You're the best!!!!


The early morning and daily text messages to stay on track! The get your butt up and get it moving texts when I'm having a moment. And the most important ones to me are the congrats and good job texts!  I'll be 52 in exactly 1 month from today...I can't wait to share my results at that time!  Have a blessed day and remember that God loves you and so do I! #motivated #excitedaboutthesechanges  #100GioVitulli Oh more thing...I've been working at GGC for 5 plus years, people are stopping me in the hallways to comment on how well I look. #GivingGodalltheGlory! — ‌feeling determined."


- Kathryn Wise (Lawrenceville,GA) you can follow Kathryn on FB as she continues her journey to greatness.

"Thank you Gio with Elite force performance training with helping me get healthy after my knee injury.I broke my tibia plateau and tore all the tendons in my left knee.Gio understood my injury and made a specific workout plan that has gotten me back to playing organized basketball.I recommend anybody to Gio that wants to get in shape or train for their upcoming season.THANK YOU AGAIN GIO FOR ALL THE SUPPORT AND EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME."


-Matthew Apple (Conway, FL)

Brendan Guyre: EFP Success Story

"Coach Gio Vitulli has a heart of a champion. Not only does he want to see his athletes succeed in the gym but also succeed in life. I have experienced this personally and he is a man of character and one of the greatest trainers I've ever gotten to meet. Thanks Coach V for your love for people and great training skills."


-Brenden Guyre (Apopka, FL) 


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